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Businesses need a good brand to represent their product or services. I have been lucky in getting the opportunity to design logos for more than two dozen businesses. It’s always a great feeling to design something that others are going to see all over the world, but it’s even more exciting to design something that the client loves. Getting a logo right can be time consuming but it is worth doing it properly the first time, making sure to get every element just right.

Soapy Sustins

created with: Adobe Illustrator

Tara Sustins makes custom soaps in various cupcake style designs. She contacted me to create a logo for her start up Soapy Sustins brand. She presented me with a stock image of a colourful tree and asked me to incorporate it into the logo for her. The final result is on the left hand side, I extended the original image feeding the colourful shape style through out.

Embassy OFD

created with: Adobe Illustrator

Embassy Feather Dusters is a company that specialises in the import and sale of Ostrich Feather Dusters. I was asked to create a design that looked professional, high end and classic. I went with a 1940’s style of font and a simple sillouete of an ostrich.
Using a dark green and gold colour scheme proved to be the wining combination for the client. I went on to create all product packaging, eCommerce website, posters, roll up banners, advertising postcards and lots of other print materials.


created with: Adobe Illustrator

Jo Roberts of NutriVacity, an independent nutritional consultant with a degree in nutrition and dietetics got in touch to design a logo for her business. Her only request was that there be something that represnts a person in the logo, this was achieved in the final design using the V. I completed the project presenting the design you can see on the right which was followed up with several other versions for use on social media and her website.

Cascade Blinds

created with: Adobe Illustrator

David McCrea started a new business foccusing on high end automated blinds systems that can be contolled with smart phones and the Amazon echo. He wanted the design to be colourful so I presented him with several different ideas, all incorporating a cascade of colours, but he eventually decided on the paint splash concept.