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The need for printed material is still in high demand, even in the digital age. This is great news for me as I love getting to opportunity to put together a fresh design to promote a product, a food night or an event that’s taking place in the local community. this type of design work is one of my favourites as I tend to get a very basic brief which allows me a little bit of freedom when creating the final design.

Here I present some of the poster and flyer style of work I have done, although this selection is far from exhaustive. Many of the pieces are for repeat clients, which lets me know they like the styles I have presented them with in the past.

Embassy OFD Ltd.

created with: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Embassy OFD have had me do a lot of promotional material for them over the few years, from postcards that were included with each order giving discount for future orders to A0 posters that were used in their offices and given to their various outlets. All of the designs I created were designed for use in both print and on screen as they were used heavily in social media campaings. I had a lot of fun working on their projects and still do now, I have included some of my favourite designs here.

The Aberlour Hotel

created with: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

The Aberlour Hotel hosts many events throughout the year and as such require quite a lot of advertising to let people know what is on, thankfully they use me to put together their posters and flyers for these events.

I really enjoy working on these mini projects for the Aberlour Hotel as they always have a varied selection of events, from themed food nights, to charity events, pool competitions, speed dating and live music to name a few. They tend to give me a very open brief where I am supplied with the basic details of an event and left to get on with it.

Several of the posters have gone so well with the musicians that have performed their that they later got in touch for me to design posters and flyers for their gigs.

Moray Juniors Ice Hockey

created with: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

The Moray Juniors Ice Hockey Team asked me to design fr them a poster to advertise their club, I was given the logo and club information and left to get on with it. I used some stock photography of various ice hockey items, the helmets,sticks, puck, ice rink, etc, and put together a composition in Photoshop that I felt would work.

After presenting the design to the club I was asked to make some minor tweeks to the text content but other than that it was well received and you can see the final result on the right.

They liked it so much that I was also asked t create a design for a large banner that would be hung in the Moray Leisure Centre’s ice rink, you can see the final printed result below.

FOCC Moray

created with: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Friends of Chernobyl's Children Moray is a new charity run by local families (Scottish Charity No. SC045530) set up to support children affected by the Chernobyl disaster by providing a "month of love and care" in Moray each year. I was originally asked to create a website for the new charity and have since created a number of posters, banners, stickers and brochures for the group.

Soapy Sustins

created with: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Having previously design a logo for Tara Sustins designer soap business she asked me to create some roll up banners listing ingredients used within her soaps and contact information for ordering.

Wedding Invites

This was a really nice job that I did for two of my friends who were getting married. Their wedding was taking place at a light house in Lossiemouth and they wanted everything to fit the theme and asked me to design their invitations in an old railway poster style. The invites were designed around an old postcard and were actually printed as postcards for the happy couple to send out to guests.